Dedication: Srila Prabhupada

Meditation with Music Kirtan in Ireland                                           


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October 13th

and Sunday Oct 14th 2018

You may come either day, or both days         



 Kirtan Music Meditation

Govindadwipa Mellows 

Inish Rath Island Temple - October 13th and 14th 2018

ALL Welcome Travel Directions to get to us

Hosted by local devotees, musicians and friends:
About Us

This event is free of charge. If you'd like to attend please just come along on the day. You may arrive or depart at several times over the weekend - see the schedule...


Barge Ferry Crossing to Inish Rath Island:

Ferry to island

Saturday Oct 13th 2018

Departs to go to island


                12.00 noon


Returns to Mainland




SUNDAY Oct 14th 2018

Departs to go to island 



              12.00 noon



Returns to Mainland


  7.15pm and 7.30pm

Ferry departs from island



10.00am Arrival (Ferry boat crossing)/ breakfast

10.45am Opening Ceremony

11.00am Kirtan Music

12.00 noon The second Ferry crossing to island

 1.30pm Lunch

 2.30pm Kirtan Music

 5.30pm Light refreshments (kirtan continues)

5.45pm A ferry departs to return to Mainland

 6.00pm Kirtan Music

 9.00pm Kirtan Ends

9.15pm Ferry Boat returns to mainland



6.45am Ferry to island

 7.00am Greeting of the Deities and kirtan

 7.30am Lecture on Chanting

 8.45am Breakfast

9.45am The second Ferry crossing to island

10.00am Kirtan Music

 12.00 noon and 12.20pm Ferry crossings to island

 1.10pm Lecture

 1.40pm Kirtan Music

 2.30pm Lunch (free / donations welcome)

 3.30pm Kirtan Music

3.45pm Ferry crossing back to Mainland

 7.00pm Closing Ceremony

7.15pm and 7.30pm Ferry Crossings to Mainland





We warmly welcome you to this beautiful kirtan music event. It does not matter whether you have never heard the Krishna chant music before, or whether you have been chanting for 40 years. Anyone can benefit and enjoy!

*****open day

Practical Points For Attendees

(1) This concert is not a stage performance event, rather it is a glimpse at authentic Temple kirtan-yoga Mantra music.

(2) Please REGISTER for the event 

(3) There is signage to take you to us, but note we are in a rural location without street lamps therefore we suggest attendees bring a torch to facilitate your movement after this. This may be helpful.


 How to get to us? Driving Directions from nearby towns: see here





FAQ: What is the music like?

Ans: Check out the Youtube videos of kirtan-yoga Sacred Chant music below...


beach kirtan






 Just turn up!

Youtube - Sacred Chant Kirtan Music




"...I had bought the (kirtan) album Prabhupada did in New York, and John and I listened to it. I remember we sang it for days, John and I, with ukulele banjos, sailing through the Greek islands... like six hours we sang because we couldn't stop once we got going. As soon as we stopped it was like the lights went out. It went to a point where our jaws were aching, singing the mantra over and over...We felt exalted; it was a very happy time for us"

John Lennon and George Harrison
of the Beatles

(from a 1982 interview with George)